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Stellaris PC Vision Enhancement System


The Stellaris PC is a high-performance, feature rich combined platform that leverages Bausch + Lomb's history in retinal innovation to change the surgical landscape by delivering the ultimate in procedural choice.  The Stellaris PC allows surgeons to have true “procedural choice” by providing the most advanced technology for both vitreoretinal and cataract surgery in a single system.


Advanced - Technology that makes a difference


Efficient vitrectomy

  • 5000cpm designed to reduce traction and turbulence
  • Port located close to cutter tip for controlled tissue removal

Stable Fluidics

  • Optimised duty cycle for built-in flow efficiency
  • Auto infusion allows surgeon to toggle on/off the BSS

Optimised visualisation

  • Dual independent lamps (Xenon and Xenon Mercury)
  • 3 surgeon controlled filters for increased safety and differentiated viewing

New ESA Technology

  • New ESA Technology Enhanced blade design for easier insertion
  • Exceptional cannula retention in the eye Sclerotomy design makes tighter wounds

Dual-linear technology

  • Simultaneous parameter access allows better surgeon control
  • Adds useful functionality requiring less mode changes
  • Wireless footpedal eliminates cord clutter


Versatile - Procedural choice with TSV and MICS


Procedure Choice

  • Select vitrectomy, phaco or combined procedures
  • Full flexibility with 20, 23 and 25 gauge packs

Phaco that is safe and efficient

  • Easy transition to MICS 1.8mm technology
  • Attune Energy Management System self-adjusts to maintain smooth performance
  • Exceptional safety with StableChamber fluidics


Different - Simplicity and surgeon control


Simple, logical human factors

  • Pre-assembled packs with one-step, 43 second priming
  • One pack, one interface reduces steps in theatre
  • Simple transition from phaco to vitrectomy increases efficiency

Designed to fit your needs

  • Sleek footprint maximises space in theatre
  • Tru-Link offers rapid communication with technical assistance