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Bausch + Lomb's cataract product portfolio provides ophthalmic surgeons with a full array of innovative products for effective and minimally-invasive cataract surgery.

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enVista® TORIC Hydrophobic Acrylic Intraocular Lens

enVista Toric gives long-term clarity and quality of vision by a new measure in toric stability. It comes with unique haptics that are designed to secure a predictable astigmatism correction, hence providing long-term stable vision.

enVista Toric Material and design resists growth of LECs into the optic and limit PCO1, thus providing a long-term optical clarity1,2

INCISE Intraocular Lens

INCISE® IOL combines the latest technical optical innovation of implantation through a 1.4mm micro incision (wound assisted) with the benefits of the MICS procedure