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Stellaris® Anterior Vision Enhancement System

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The Stellaris is the next generation of phaco surgical systems that is designed to accommodate your surgical technique. Whether you are performing standard or micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS) procedures, Stellaris provides you with the performance you need when you need it.

Vacuum provides chamber stability and there is no other machine that delivers quite like Stellaris.

Chamber stability is further enhanced with Digiflow pressurized infusion to take cataract surgery to the next level. Expanding your control – it’s what Stellaris is all about.

Stable Chamber Fluidics is designed to optimize chamber stability with these 4 components

  1. Advanced hardware designed to improve your control
  2. Customizable software settings increases performance
  3. Responsive fluidics and Digiflow™ Pressurized Infusion Shown to improve Chamber stabilty
  4. VFM StableChamber® Tubing designed to control and stabilize flow in MICS High Vacuum procedures


  • Improved chamber stability with Digiflow
  • Better control of infusion flow – minimizing IOP fluctuations
  • Easy learning curve and use

Achieve better results without changing your approach

Efficient cutting with minimal energy is a fundamental goal of phacoemulsification. Minimizing energy into the eye is proven to enhance clinical outcomes. Stellaris features Attune Energy Management combining efficient 28.5 kHz ultrasound with advanced power modulation allowing you to design a very efficient low energy emulsification mode without the need for angled needles, special handpieces or technique changes.

Phaco efficiency is increased with the 28.5 kHz Stellaris handpiece. Energy into the eye is minimized because it balances mechanical cutting and acoustic cavitation to efficiently emulsify and remove the nucleus.

Innovative foot pedal design - The first of its kind wireless programmable foot pedal features unique Dual Linear control

The first of its kind intuitive designed wireless programmable foot pedal features unique Dual Linear control allowing you to modulate several parameters with one-foot pedal. Linear control of power and aspiration are possible giving you the control of the intraocular environment. Use the right amount of aspiration and phaco power to remove the lens in the most efficient manner possible — only with Stellaris.

Wireless, Dual Linear technology combined with precise control of fluidics and ultrasound expands your options and improves followability

  • Integrated—yet independent— control of phaco energy and aspiration
  • Designed to provide greater precision when addressing a compromised corneal endothelium, weak zoonules, small pupils or shallow chambers
  • Four unique function buttons offer a wide range of mode switching and surgical programming options

Versatile integrated platform designed to increase and expand OR efficiency - Enabling rapid turnaround times, ease of use and expanded range of techniques

Stellaris provides a host of ergonomic and surgeon-led innovations designed to maximize your time in the OR while increasing productivity using one family of Stellaris Systems. Stellaris, designed for the efficient cataract operating room and Stellaris PC designed for the Efficient Cataract and Vitreoretinal surgical practice are compatible on multiple fronts. Whether it is sharing system settings across machines, phaco handpieces, Capsule-Guard® I/A and cataract tubing packs, Stellaris makes it easy to offer multi-specialty services with minimal specialization.

OR-Optimized for you and your staff

  • Small OR footprint
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Easy to set-up, priming and tuning of tubing and handpieces
  • Preassembled, ready-to-use cassette/tubing
  • Designed to decrease turnaround time
  • Wide range of accessories, handpieces and Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments

Stellaris Cataract Updates

  • DigiFlow™ Infusion Control
  • Common Surgeon Files transportable from Stellaris® to Stellaris® PC
  • Enhanced On-Screen User Controls and drop-down menus
  • Enhanced Messaging features for clarity and ease of use