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Bio true ONEday Lenses for Presbyopia

Bio true ONEday lenses for Presbyopia are daily disposable contact lenses that give you crisp and comfortable ALL distance vision for 16 hours

Key Features & Benefits

  • All distance vision: See clearly close up, far away and everywhere in between.
  • All day comfort: Works like your eyes to retain moisture and gives comfortable vision upto 16 hours.
  • Convenient and Healthy: Start ever day with a fresh pair.

These lenses have the Bausch and Lomb proprietary 3-Zone Progressive™ design that is precisely tuned to deliver natural vision in near, far and everywhere in between.

All Bio True ONEday lenses are made with HyperGel™, an award winning next generation contact lens material that has been inspired by the biology of your eyes. The Hypergel™ material:

  • Maintains moisture for up to 16 hours.
  • Matches the water content of the cornea.
  • Allows for the oxygen a healthy eye needs.

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