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Stellaris Elite™ PC Vision Enhancement System

The Stellaris Elite™ PC is a high-performance, feature rich combined platform that leverages Bausch + Lomb's
history in retinal innovation to change the surgical landscape by delivering the ultimate in procedural choice.

The newly-redesigned Stellaris Elite™ PC with Adaptive Fluidics™ integrates precision aspiration control with
Dynamic Infusion Compensation to deliver a highly responsive and controlled surgical environment.

Stellaris Elite™ PC Vision Enhancement System

With a variety of cutting options, Stellaris Elite™ PC adapts to a wide range of procedural needs.

Single-port Vitrectomy Cutter

  • Available in 20, 23, and 25 gauge
  • New 7,500 cpm cut rate, for efficient vitreous removal
  • Cuts only in the forward position

Bi-Blade™ Vitrectomy Cutter

  • 25 and 27ga with cut rate up to 15,000 cpm
  • Dual-port design, for consistent flow rate and reduced retinal trac
  • Cuts in both forward and backward positions, for two cuts per cycle


Exclusive to Stellaris Elite™ PC, the Vitesse™ hypersonic vitrectomy system represents a new approach to vitreous removal (patented technology).

  • Optimized Control and Precision: HyperV technology creates a localized tissue liquefaction zone, at the edge of the port
  • Consistent Flow: OpenPort design is 100% open, 100% of the time
  • Unobstructed Aspiration: Novel single-lumen design

How it works

  • HyperV technology creates a tissue liquefaction zone at edge of the port
  • Vitreous is aspirated through the open port
  • Liquefied vitreous is aspirated through the unobstructed lumen


Stellaris Elite™ PC offers a dedicated combination of light source, fiber optics, and light filtering technologies. Collectively, they enable optimized visualization, differentiated viewing options, and surgical control.

Optimized illumination:

  • Bright Xenon light is specifically designed for small-gauge vitrectomy
  • Supports fiber optic add-ons as small as 29ga
  • Numerous specialized illumination options including chandeliers, illuminated instruments, and illuminated laser probes
  • Proprietary color filters (yellow, green and amber)
  • Filters may be used as an augmentation or an alternative to intraoperative dyes

Expanded access

  • A comprehensive portfolio of high-quality laser probes
  • Available in 20, 23, 25 and 27ga
  • Patented directional laser probes feature a fixed fiber together with a moving shaft, for 90-degree curve actuation
  • Illuminated directional laser probe delivers midfield light patterns and enables unassisted scleral depressions

  • Clarity for surgeons
  • Integrated laser controls
  • Status, settings displayed on home screen
  • Drop-down menus for each phase
  • Color-coded drop-down menus for light filter settings
  • Voice confirmation on added phases
  • Password protected surgeon settings
  • Intuitive for OR staff
  • Easy learning curve
  • Simplified layout with larger buttons and improved readability (contrast, colour and icon size)
  • One button tuning and priming
  • One combined screen for all procedural needs
  • Intuitive with ‘show me the steps’ tutorial animation
  • ‘One Step’ error resolution