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VersaVIT 2.0TM Vitrectomy System


VersaVIT 2.0TM Vitrectomy System, Redefining the Vitrectomy System

VersaVIT 2.0 is the market’s first and only simplified, small forms vitrectomy system providing creative solutions to yield operational efficiency and financial solvency, regardless of your current vitrectomy platform.

Key Features & Benefits

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE VITRECTORS- New, high-speed 6,000 cpm vitrectors combined with easy-to-use duty cycle control provides the surgeon with greater control and precision.

  • DUTY CYCLE CONTROL- Easy-to-use duty cycle control offers the surgeon flow control independent from vacuum, providing greater precision at any cut speed.

  • LED ILLUMINATION- Highly efficient LEDs rated at 25,000 hours saves you time and money by eliminating costly bulb replacements

  • PRESSURIZED INFUSION- Delivers precise control of infusion pressure to raise and lower air or fluid infusion


  • VersaVIT 2.0™ was designed to provide a high level of sophistication in a non-complicated, intuitive way. The system’s simplicity allows staff to focus more time on the surgeon and patient.

  • No complicated digital screens to navigate, and all operations can be achieved through the simple push of a button.

  • Minimal learning curve – easy for staff to learn and operate.

  • Small profile saves space and energy.


  • VersaVIT 2.0™ offers several key features to help drive operational efficiencies in the operating room.

  • Quick start-up – with a boot-up time of approximately 10 seconds, the system is essentially ready when you are.

  • Quicker set-up time – intuitive set-up with quick prime cycle has you ready to start your case in no time.

  • Less to do – fewer steps in set-up with no touchscreens or menus to navigate System functionality – long life LEDs, reduced air consumption and backup battery saves both time and money.


  • Built-in handle

  • 25 lbs. (11 kg)

  • Travel case

  • Battery or wall powered


We offer two versions of procedure packs. The VersaVIT 2.0 Procedure Pack provides the surgeon and staff a complete and total pack for surgery, delivering everything needed for a standard procedure. This aides in our continued goal to drive operational efficiencies in the operating room. This pack contains all the standard accessories such as vitrector, screen drape, cassette, etc., as well as:

  • Your choice of a PHOTON™ widefield light pipe or a VersaVIT 2.0 midfield light pipe.

  • Valved Stealth Port Entry System.

  • Adjustable gas pressurized infusion tubing.

  • Extrusion tubing.

  • Soft tip cannula for 23, 25 and 27 gauge packs .


Our VersaVIT 2.0 Core Essentials Procedure Pack provides the surgeon with the essentials required for surgery while allowing the surgeon a choice of illumination, infusion tubing and port entry system.


Our Biopsy Procedure Pack allows the surgeon the option of performing an in-line biopsy that is free from dilution. The pack contains all the traditional Core Essentials contents as well as a biopsy collection kit. The collection kit includes:

  • A modified vitrector with biopsy collection chamber.

  • Specimen collection vial.

  • Specimen bag.