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Vitreoretinal Systems

The breakthrough vitreoretinal devices and equipment of Bausch + Lomb Surgical have encouraged more and more surgeons to explore new microsurgical techniques with improved patient outcomes. Explore our products which are designed to allow for less invasive surgery, to increase the efficiency of surgeons and reduce the amount of trauma to the eye, which in turn can reduce healing time for patients.
Stellaris PC Vision Enhancement System
The Stellaris PC allows surgeons to have true “procedural choice” by providing the most advanced technology for vitreoretinal and cataract surgery in a single system.
VersaVIT 2.0

VersaVIT 2.0™ is the market’s first and only simplified, small forms vitrectomy system providing creative solutions to yield operational efficiency and financial solvency, regardless of your current vitrectomy platform.

Directional™ II Laser Probe

The patented Directional™ Laser Probe adjusts from being straight to a curve of 85°. It can remain straight when entering the eye, eliminating the risk of bumping the natural lens, and also providing the ability to work around the posterior pole when applying laser treatment.