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Storz Ophthalmics Instruments


The Storz Ophthalmics brand offers a range of precision-engineered and quality manufactured microsurgical instruments to serve the needs of all ophthalmic surgeons performing the latest techniques.

Our single use instruments perform at the same level of safety and efficiency as their reusable equivalents while offering the benefits of a single use device.


Designed for safety

  • High precision instruments for every surgery
  • First-use performance each time
  • Reduced risk of infection and cross contamination
  • No time and cost implications of reprocessing


Designed for MICS

A complete range of instruments for 1.8mm BMICS and CMICS as well as standard phaco is available to suit the requirements of all cataract surgeons.

  • Single-use knives designed for optimal wound architecture.
  • 1.8mm MICS Capsulorhexis Forceps
    • Ideal performance through a 1.8mm MICS incision
  • 1.8mm Biaxial (B) MICS Instruments
    • Single-use and reusable irrigation choppers for biaxial MICS
    • High quality single-use biaxial irrigation and aspiration handpieces
  • 1.8mm Coaxial (C) MICS Instruments
    • Single-use I/A handpieces provide outstanding flow properties and optimum efficiency in a small incision environment
    • Precision and comfort for every surgery
    • Safety through Surelock luer connections