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enVista TORIC Intraocular lens


Over time, the natural lens in our eyes can become cloudy. When cloudiness is coupled with your astigmatism, the world can look blurry and out of focus. This is what happens when cataracts and astigmatism get in the way of clear vision.

You’ve got a lot to do and see. That’s why your doctor may recommend that you have cataract surgery using an innovative lens from Bausch + Lomb that also corrects your astigmatism.

enVista TORIC Intraocular lens

In Quest of Perfection, the New Measure in Toric Stability. enVista Toric has demonstrated excellent rotational stability in clinical studies

Advanced Optics (AO) Technology

  • Reduced postoperative spherical aberration
  • No image degradation with decentration
  • Less sensitive to tilt
  • Enhanced depth of field

Designed to minimize PCO

  • Step-vaulted haptics are designed to vault the optic posteriorly for direct contact with the capsular bag
  • LEC migration is believed to be inhibited by 360° square barrier edge

Advanced ease of use

  • Safe, simple, reliable insertion through a 2.2-mm incision with a single-use injector
  • Precise positioning in the capsular bag and removal of viscoelastic are facilitated by controlled unfolding


Hydrophobic Acrylic with UV Absorber

Refractive Index

1.54 at 35◦C

Optic Size



Modified C, Step-vaulted, Fenestrated Haptics

Optic Design

One-Piece, bi-convex aspheric optic Posterior toric surface

Overall Diameter


Sphere Powers Range

Cylinder Powers IOL Plane

Cylinder Powers Corneal Plane

+6.0 D to 30.0 D in 0.5-D increments

1.25 D, 2.00 D, 2.75 D, 3.50 D, 4.25 D, 5.00 D, 5.75 D

0.90 D, 1.40 D, 1.93 D, 2.45 D, 2.98 D, 3.50 D, 4.03 D


US Biometry = 118.7

Optical Biometry = 119.1


Applanation A-Scan = 5.37

Optical Biometry = 5.61

Surgeon Factor*


Applanation A-Scan = 1.62

Optical Biometry = 1.85

Product Order Code


MX60T (Lens)

INJ100 (single use Injector)

enVista TORIC Intraocular lens

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*A-constant, ACD and Surgeon Factor are estimates only. It is recommended that each surgeon develop his/her own values.